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We had multiple companies come in and pitch, and they all had variations of the same idea, where you zoom in on an eye and you see a sonar map of the city. This company, Elastic, came in and had multiple pitches, and one of them was to have this dripping, fluid-like blood dripping over everything. Jeph and I sat up, like an electric shock, when we saw that. You’re always very polite in the room, but when they left, we were like, “We’ve gotta do that one!” Then, we showed it to Marvel and Netflix, and they loved it. They knocked it out of the park. I’ve seen all the episodes, and I’ve watched them back-to-back. Not once have I fast-forwarded through that opening sequence because it’s such a joy to look at.
— Series showrunner Steven S. DeKnight on Daredevil’s opening sequence.

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